Michael Buckman’s Blog: RFK Stadium – Do You Remember When?/4 Magnificent Condos

If you were born and raised in Washington, DC, then chances are you are a DC football fan. And, if you are around my age or older, then you probably went to games at RFK stadium. This was the time of the Joe Gibbs era, and the Washington football greatness. Recently, Michelle Buckman and I have been spending considerable time near RFK stadium awaiting a new 4-unit condo development to be completed and to be ready for us to list and put on the market. RFK Stadium is walking distance from the project with the DC Armory just down the street. Being there brings back fond memories.

Because this is part of DC is not a place I visited often once the football team left town, I felt very nostalgic seeing RFK stadium and the DC Armory. I also have many childhood memories of going to the circus at the armory and watching the lion tamers, or going to WHFestival at RFK stadium when I was 17. And of course, I will always remember going to RFK for football games, and later baseball games. If you grew up in DC then you most likely have similar childhood and teenage memories. And, I thought this would be a good opportunity to look at the history of RFK stadium.

Completed in 1961 to replace the crumbling Griffith Stadium (now Howard University Hospital), Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium was opened on October 1st, 1961 when the Washington Football team played its first game there. It was then known as D.C. Stadium and was one of the first (if not the first) multi-purpose stadiums ever built. For 10 years the stadium was shared between the football team and the baseball team, the Washington Senators.

In 1969 the Stadium was renamed after the assassinated of former attorney general, senator and brother of John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy. Soon after, the Washington Senators moved to Texas and became the Texas Rangers. The stadium witnessed many unique events such as NFC championship games, the Beatles last concert in Washington DC, and many more. As I stated earlier, anyone who grew up here from the heyday of the stadium has fond childhood memories of RFK stadium.

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