Introducing Michael Buckman

Mike BuckmanHello, I wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Michael J Buckman, and I am the newest addition to the 2Michelles Realtors team. I am a millennial who was born and raised in Northwest Washington D.C. I have a BA in history from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, and I studied MA Linguistics at University of York in the United Kingdom. Since I am a DC native, I have a special and heartfelt knowledge of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. I am proud to say that DC is my hometown.  A result of spending my formative years in DC gives me a particularly distinct view and perspective of this city because I grew up watching the city grow and change. I am a licensed real estate agent in DC and work out of the Chevy Chase (Jenifer Street) Long & Foster office. My DC upbringing (I was born in downtown DC and grew up in NW Chevy Chase Washington DC) qualifies me as an unofficial expert on the DC area.  I have an extensive knowledge about DC history and also know a great deal about the city & metro area.  Whether it is geography, history, transportation or even where to eat or take a walk, I am the person who knows the answers and can make good suggestions regarding where how and why in DC and the DC area.  Also, as you will learn from several future blog articles, I have extensive knowledge of lesser known areas and landmarks in DC. It is also worth mentioning, that over the past few years I have been living and working in Spain. I am fluent in Spanish, and a bit efficient in Italian as well. I am happy to answer any queries in either Spanish or English.  I am excited to join the 2Michelles, and look forward to bringing my local insight as a Washingtonian to their real estate team.

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