Your real estate agent is the only constant in the entire real estate transaction process from beginning to end, Your buyer’s agent is going to do more than just help you find your dream home and write the contract. That is really the easy part. Your buyer’s agent can help you find a great loan officer, negotiate the best deal for you, suggest a good home inspector and help negotiate any of the repairs the home needs. Your buyer’s agent is your resource for contractors, moving companies, closing companies, home insurance, plumbers, electricians, and other services. Your buyer’s agent is also there to coordinate with your lender and closing company to ensure a smooth closing. Your agent will communicate all updates, answer all your questions, and make recommended suggestions. Can a purchaser do all this work without a realtor representing them? Yes, but this whole process can be time consuming and stressful if you are not familiar with what to do. Most transactions are not perfect nor simple. Lenders are much more strict these days and there is a lot of paper work and steps to complete before any transaction actually closes. Our job is to make this whole process as smooth as possible for you. Remember, all of our work for you is free. If a transaction does not close, your buyer’s agent does not get paid. Buyer’s agents only get paid after the transaction has actually gone to closing and settled.