Michelle Buckman has been part of the Washington, DC community for decades. Her deep roots in the city gives her a comprehensive knowledge of the diverse and vibrant areas of the city that make DC a unique and wonderful place to live. Michelle graduated from American University, lived on Capitol Hill, and later in Chevy Chase (DC). She and her husband (a well-known Real Estate attorney) are active in the education arena and have raised two children and many beloved pets in their homes here in Metro DC. The 2Michelles Realtors, backed by the full strength of the Long & Foster Companies, is founded in our personal experiences living and raising families in DC and our commitment to helping others find the home and lifestyle of their dreams. We build our process on direct, interactive communication – an engaged client is able to make informed decisions and creating that relationship is imperative to us. We layer trending technical applications, social media, and multi-layered marketing in addition to core Real Estate principles to create a unique business model that ensures optimum results. We are there through every step of the journey, applying our knowledge, experience, and heart to making the process transparent, easy to navigate, and of course wildly successful! We will be fully vested partners in helping you navigate this vitally important life experience. Realizing your home dream is our goal and we will make it happen!

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